Merry Matters 歲末精選展
Merry Matters: Rich Art Selective Exhibition
2023.12.09 Sat.
2024.02.24 Sat.
大雋藝術 Rich Art Gallery

邁入節慶氣息正濃的特別時刻,大雋藝術推出歲末精選展,以《Merry Matters》為題,呈現近十位海內外當代藝術家創作。「Merry」一詞在16世紀英語頌歌開始為人援用,描述一種令人欣喜的歡慶行為,直至查爾斯・狄更斯(Charles Dickens)在《聖誕頌歌》(Christmas Carol)使用Merry Christmas作為祝福語才逐漸廣泛流行。《Merry Matters》除呼應歡欣氛圍瀰漫的歲末時分,更傳遞「感知藝術產生的愉悅反應」與「用心覺察生活美好的重要性」之雙重訊息,藝術家將外部環境或內在心理事件的格物致知訴諸於圖像,觸發觀者共鳴,引出無限對話,每件作品宛如待拆封的禮物,從中收穫驚喜與樂趣。期許冬日時節,劃開你我內心那份喜悅的火焰,感受一場不期而至的心靈碰撞!


Rich Art Gallery launched Rich Art Selective Exhibition while entering the special phase offering a strong festive atmosphere, which was themed with “Merry Matters”, exhibiting the creations prepared by nearly ten contemporary artists from home and abroad. The word “Merry” began to be quoted in English carols in the 16th century to describe a joyful act of celebration. It was not until Charles Dickens used Merry Christmas as a blessing in the Christmas Carol that it became widely known. Apart from being in response to a joyful end-of-year atmosphere, “Merry Matters” also even passed on the double message of the “joyful response to perceptual art” as well as the “significance of perceptually aware of wonderful life”. The artists resorted to the images for their view of pursuing knowledge to the end pertaining to the outer environment or inner mental events, which stirred up viewers’ resonance and led to an infinite conversation. As such, all works were like gifts to be unwrapped, wherein the surprise and fun was gained. Hopefully during the winter, you could open your heart and mind of joy, as well as igniting unexpected sparks of understanding.