Joie de vivre! 國際當代藝術家聯展
Joie de vivre! Contemporary Art Group Exhibition
2023.07.22 Sat.
2023.09.16 Sat.
大雋藝術 Rich Art Gallery

Joie de vivre(生活之樂)體現19世紀末至第一次世界大戰前法國Belle Époque(美好年代)形成的文化氛圍,經歷了繁榮、和平和樂觀的時代,儘管面對戰爭前景的存在困境和不確定性,人們仍以積極態度看待,感受活在當下的樂趣。誠然,身處世界局勢巨變的當代,我們也可以學習抽離執念,尋覓屬於自己存在的價值和那份自由和熱忱。生活不缺乏快樂,而是缺少發現「生活之樂」。


2023年七月,大雋藝術很榮幸攜手跨越四個世代與文化界限的當代藝術家群,呈獻其2023最新創作,包括妮基・海爾(Niki Hare/英國)、茲德涅克・康芙娜(Zdenek Konvalina/捷克)、杰弗里・布約(Geoffrey Bouillot/法國)與智敉譽(Jimere/韓國)。Joie de vivre用以表達「熱愛生活本身」的一種歡愉處世態度,儘管擁有不同人生階段及經驗版圖,他們懷抱對生命的熱情與覺察,將個人內我的意念投射,化為鮮明的視覺符碼,濃縮於方寸之間,交織著愉悅、明亮、想像力,連串新的思考模式與對話,引領觀者感受不同人生階段的藝術家,透過創作和盤托出的溫度與思量。大暑至秋將到,7月22日至9月16日邀你入館享受靜心沁脾的美好時光!


“Joie de vivre (the joy of life)” is a manifestation of the French cultural scene of “Belle Époque” between the late 19th century and World War One. It was a time of prosperity, peace, and optimism, and despite the difficulties and uncertainties brought forth by war, people maintained a positive attitude and were mindful of the joys of the present moment. In contemporary times of global turmoil, we can learn to detach ourselves from obsessive thinking and strive for the freedom and enthusiasm of self-value. Life is filled with “the joy of life” that awaits discovery.


In July 2023, Rich Art is honored to collaborate with four contemporary artists spanning different generations and cultural dimensions, namely Niki Hare (UK), Zdenek Konvalina (The Czech Republic), Geoffrey Bouillot, and Jimere. “Joie de vivre” is a French saying used to express a playful “love for life.” Despite the different chapters and experiences of life, the will of individuals is projected as distinctive visual expressions through love and awareness toward life, translated into condensed manifestations that are interwoven with feelings of joy, brightness, and imagination, weaving into new mindsets and dialogues that guide viewers to savor the different stages of life, which, in the hands of artists, are interpreted through warmth and thoughtfulness. The exhibition is on view between July 22 and September 16, during the summer and autumn; join us to experience the joy of serenity!