• 2022
  • 2021
FIKAS 1983年出生,現居東京。曾任平面插畫設計師,2016年開始以出版聯名商品方式跨界合作發表數件繪畫作品。2020年成為專職藝術家,並於2022年起攜手大雋藝術在台發表一系列最新創作。作品風格揉雜街頭文化與動漫美學,視覺語彙反映時下流行文化浪潮,透過幽默語境,展現新世代對於當今社會各種面向的自我詮釋與觀點。

FIKAS was born in 1983 and currently lives in Tokyo. FIKAS was previously a graphic designer and illustrator who started creating interdisciplinary digital drawings in the form of co-branded merchandise in 2016 and became a full-time artist in 2020. FIKAS started working with Rich Art in 2022. FIKAS’s works are known for integrating street culture and animamix. The visual vocabulary of the works reflects trends of popular culture and sheds light on how the younger generation view and interpret different social issues.

Spark 02 130.3x97cm 壓克力畫布 Acrylic on canvas
OLIVIA 130.3x97cm acrylic on canvas