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Born in Taipei in 1988, Huang Lin-Yung graduated in Department of Fine Arts in National Taiwan University of Arts.
Among 2015 to 2017, Huang was a residency experience in National Taiwan University of Arts.The Huang's works have been exhibited in local and international art fairs so far; her works were invited to exhibit in Civic Museum "Giovanni Fattori" in Italy, Korea, Suzhou. In recent year, Huang's works even were invited in Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport and National Taichung Theater. Huang became bored with the classical painting training I received during my student years and decided to break free from the conventional expression methods of light and dark and detailed oil paintings. I started thinking about the possibilities of painting and adopted colored dots and flat color coating as my style and creative strategy. My works are attempts at challenging existing artistic standards and values using my own language and contemporary, popular symbols while documenting the various contradictions of our generation, using the composition of classic works and intervening Ukiyo-E with symbols from Western popular culture.


心不在焉 Absent-minded 111x95cm 油畫 oil on canvas
價值移動中 Floating Values 112x160cm 油畫畫布 oil painting on canvas
Art, Nonstop! 124x170cm 油畫畫布 Oil Painting on canvas
招財貓的野望 Money-bringing cat’s ambition 102x90cm 油畫畫布 oil painting on canvas
文化衝擊 Cultural Shock 2019 115x210cm 油畫畫布
我們想得太多感受得太少 We think too much and feel too little 2018 105x159cm 油畫畫布
皮卡丘與快打旋風的矛盾大對決 Pikachu V.S. Honda - A contradict showdown 2017 90x130 油畫畫布
海女的藝術史拾荒記 The Sea Woman's Travels--Scavenging Masterpieces in Art History 2016 85x130cm 油畫畫布
安迪沃荷的當代漂流第三幕 Andy Warhol Drifts in Contemporary 2015 64x109x14.5cm 木箱、油畫、罐頭