• 2023
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Born in 1997, Jimere is an up-and-coming artist living in Seoul. After graduating from Sookmyung Women University, she was invited to exhibit her works at Schools Des Beaux Arts De Versailles and art institutions in Paris, Seoul and Busan. In 2023, she will present her artworks along with Rich Art for the first time in Taiwan.

《偽裝的花》系列作品(Fake Flower Series)呈現外觀與真花如出一轍的人造花,聚焦那些日常被輕看的事物,對藝術家而言,它們存在如同境遇各異的每個人,來到世間都有其使命及意義,其價值是無法被估量的,萬物皆以獨特的方式讓世界變得更加美麗。「即使我可能視為沒有香味的冒牌貨,被嘲笑為模仿者,我也將竭盡所能陪伴你,為你帶來更長久的歡喜。」 JIMERE通過作品重新定義生命的價值,並給予那些被社會疏離的人們,一份溫暖的禮物。

《偽裝的蝴蝶》(Fake Butterfly Series)

The "Fake Flower" series showcases an artificial flower that has the same appearance as a real flower. JIMERE tries to talk about things that are often undervalued. Just as each person is born in a different way, the artist considers each individual has his own reasoning about the existence of universe and life, so it cannot be valued.Every entity has its unique way of making the world more beautiful.

"Even though I may be called a fake without scent and mocked as an imitator, I will do my best to stay with you and give joy for longer just the way I am at the beginning “. JIMERE hopes her artworks will be an opportunity to rethink the value of fake flowers and give warm attention to those who are alienated from the world.

“A fake butterfly landed on the fake flower”
Fake butterflies swarming around fake flowers, even without fragrance. “Just like you showed love in your own way, I will love you in my own way." Butterfly fluttering around the artificial flowers is also sewn fake butterfly, symbolizes the artist “myself”. It metaphorically represents how I portray the theme of my artwork and the way I looked at it.Also, it contains the heart of supporting the marginalized things and the desire of visitors to show their love for my work.

Fake flower series_02 25x25cm Oil Pastel on felt with JIMERE made frame
Abandon flavor_ bear 05 35x26cm Oil pastel on felt with artist made frame